Monday, May 31, 2010


At school I have swimming lessons. Some people have a one piece or a two piece suit. The first we have to do is shower, then we jump in and do a back stroke or a front stroke. Next, we hold a board and just kick with our feet. Then we get free time!

Tea Party

We had a tea party at Grandma's house.

Elmise, me, Sydney, and Haleigh. We're drinking tea out of Grandma's Bone China tea cups! We're very careful...!

Aren't we beautiful?!

We all got made up. Sydney is putting make-up on Elmise.

Haleigh is putting make-up on me! Don't I look beautiful?!


We went next door to Grandma's for swimming with Haleigh, Elmise, and Armon.

Here I am by myself. It was a very hot day!

Here we are altogether! Armon, me, Haleigh, Sydney, and Elmise!

I'm floating!!! After Grandma took the picture I was about to go under the water!