Thursday, November 24, 2011


Hard wind is tornado
Spinning wind is tornado
Wind you can see is tornado
It can blow down your house
Tornado can make a big mess.


Breezy wind
Soft wind
Scary wind
Cold wind
Hot wind
Windy wind
There goes the wind
There's the nice wind.

My Poem: Thanksgiving

Turkey! Turkey!
This day is here.
Thanksgiving, thanksgiving
Is a day to be thankful
and have happy times with family
Turkey cold
Turkey hot
Stuffing in
Stuffing out
Turkey smells good
Munch, munch
Yum, Yum!


Today we had Thanksgiving with part of our family. We had a Tom turkey. He was delicious! I played with my cousins and giggled a lot! We had three different pies for dinner. I chose apple pie. It was good because it had crumb topping. We were so excited for dinner. Thanksgiving is a day you spend time with family. I was thankful for my family and food! I was sitting with my dad, Armon and Grandma. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious! 

A Car

Car go fast
Car go slow
Car stop
Car go
Green light
Yellow light
Red light
Honk honk
Beep beep

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts are some of my learning time. We get different badges when we learn new things. Sometimes we go somewhere. We have meetings once a month. When we learn new things we do it in a fun way. The color of our vests are green. We have snacks and different people bring them. We have it for one hour. 

Kids Healing Kids

Sing Sing all day long. I'm in Kid's Healing Kids. We sing at a school called Waukazoo. Kids sing for people in hospitals. "We've Got to Give a Little Love" and "A Brighter Day", "I Can't Wait", "Jazz It Up", "Angels Among Us" are some of the songs we sing. The teacher tells us to sing with a smile. Kids Healing Kids is a name that other choirs can't use. The color for our choir is medium green. We sing as in grade groups some times. Other times we sing all together. 


My mom was getting a highlight at a hair salon. She had to wear a cap that you can take mini pieces of hair to highlight. She has to dry it before she takes the cap off. 

Then I wanted to get my bangs cut because they were in my eyes. I didn't have my bangs cut in a while. They seemed almost as long as my hair. Now it is not in my eyes.