Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas! I had a good Christmas, yes, I did. I got a pink ball that lights up when I hold it and shake it. In the dark it lights up when I shake it. I'm holding it in the picture! My dad gave it to me. I play with it a lot. Auntie Pam gave me a book called Princess Bella. The pencils are magic and color the black pages! It has rainbow swirl and holographic foil scratch-off pages! I like it a lot! I got three Leapster games! They're fun. I got some gift cards so we get to go shopping and that's going to be fun! Grandma's tree is nice. I'm standing in front of it.


Haleigh's corner said...

it sounds like you are enjoying the pink ball! I'm so glad I am getting to see you over christmas break. I love you!!!

Pam and Gene said...

Merry Christmas Princess Bella! I'm glad you had a good Christmas. I wish I could have spent some time with you and your sister this holiday. I am sure I will see you several times next year. Auntie Pam