Sunday, December 28, 2008

Slumber Party

Grandma and I are going to have a slumber party. We already had one and we're going to have another one! It's going to be fun. We read good books, like The Brementown Musicians. Another book we love is a Japanese book. It's all written in Japanese but there are two pages of English! We have to turn the pages backwards because the Japanese people read their books backwards!!! It's funny! But the story is good! The name of the book is Hello Mommy! It's about three kittens and their mama. We also want to read Curious George and Princess Bella.
My Grandpa is funny!


Pam and Gene said...

I love reading books too Bella. I am so glad you enjoy reading. And you have picked some interesting books for your slumber party. Have fun! Auntie Pam

Buckaroo said...

Hola Bella,
You are sooo cute! You and Sydney look very pretty in your velvet dresses! I read your blog and you are doing a great job at putting your ideas down.
I saw the pink ball and it sure looks like it will be fun to play with! I am glad that you like all your presents and that you are using them.
I love you and Sydney very much and I will see you soon! Have fun and save a cupcake for me:)
Love, Mommy